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November 2015 Map of the Month: Commercial Fiber Service Availability

Commercial fiber utahThe November 2015 Map of the Month shows, at a statewide scale, the current commercial fiber-based broadband service availability reported to the Broadband Outreach Center for inclusion on the locate.utah.gov site.

The Utah Economic Development Map (locate.utah.gov), which was released in May, features the availability of fiber broadband service together with other considerations attractive to relocating businesses such as utility, transportation, education, and recreation resources.

The fiber broadband service on this interactive web map is portrayed using 1 km hexagons (diameter), according to two general categories of service:

  • Short Order Fiber Service Availability (typically within 30 days), and
  • Custom Order Fiber Service (typically within 9 months).

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Brookings Highlights Cities Role in Encouraging Deployment

broadband-constructionMore than ever, technology is transforming our economy and daily lives. Broadband is now referred to as the infrastructure of the twenty-first century, and is a key driver of economic growth and the quality of life for each citizen. A recent article by the Brooking Metro Policy Program highlighted how local policies and best practices play a clear role and the greatest opportunity for innovative thinking. Continue reading