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Spring 2017 Updates to Center’s Broadband Maps

All Spring 2017 broadband coverage and speed updates submitted to the Center’s mapping team have been updated in the residential and commercial broadband map webapps. Thank you to everybody who participated, the success of these maps is dependent on broadband providers sharing updates on the services that they provide — services that consistently put Utah at the top of broadband availability rankings. Continue reading

Fall 2015 Provider Updates to Utah’s Broadband Map

utah broadband providers updatesLast fall, the Broadband Outreach Center’s mapping team worked with 23 Utah broadband providers to update the residential broadband map. An additional 14 broadband providers confirmed no updates. This was the first time map updates were actively collected by the team since the Broadband Outreach Center was created and broadband provider participation was as high as it has been in the last 5 years. To learn more about the Center’s map data efforts, check out the data submission guidance webpage. Continue reading

FCC Announces Changes to Broadband Data Collection


The FCC recently announced that beginning in September 2014, broadband data collection responsibility will shift from NTIA and state entities (such as the Utah Broadband Project) to the FCC through a revised Form 477  (The full text of the order can be accessed here).

State mapping entities will continue to collect data through September 2014, with one overlapping data submission, before all data collection authority is assumed by the FCC in 2015.

Many broadband providers have approached us with questions, and while we don’t know all the details about how data will submitted, we have learned much about what data the FCC will be requiring all broadband providers to submit in the future.  We were recently given a helpful presentation about what changes we can expect to the new Form 477 and new requirements for providers. To view this presentation, please visit our Slideshare page.

If your company is a broadband provider and has questions, or needs assistance, with this transition in data collection, please contact the Utah Broadband Project at broadband.utah.gov.