Regional Planning

County Resource Management Plan Update

The Utah Broadband Outreach Center is currently working with Utah’s counties to contribute broadband information for their Resource Management Plans. Click here to view available data for these plans.

Regional Broadband Plans Released

Recently the Utah Broadband Outreach Center along with Utah’s Association of Governments (AOGs) released regional broadband plans. These  plans identify regional issues, priorities and goals related to broadband deployment and adoption for each specific region.

A summary of all of the regional plans can be found here:

Below are each of the region’s broadband plans:

About Utah’s Regional Broadband Planningaog

The Utah Broadband Project  recently worked together with Utah’s AOGs to form Regional Broadband Planning Councils to address broadband planning issues on a local level. The AOGs were established in 1970 to assist the state and local governments with multicounty planning, program integration, and optimization of economies of scale. There are seven AOG regions in Utah:

The Regional Broadband Planning Councils were be tasked with identifying regional issues, priorities and goals related to broadband deployment and adoption; participating in regional and state broadband outreach; creating community awareness about broadband related issues; and formalizing a regional broadband plan.

The Regional Planning Councils also evaluated how broadband infrastructure is impacting local communities in key areas of focus and may recruit subject matter experts to advise them. Some of these experts may specialize in the following sectors:

  • Broadband providers
  • Business leaders
  • County and local government
  • Education
  • Economic development
  • Energy
  • Extension offices/Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Libraries
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Tribal leadership

Regional Contact Information

Bear River Association of Governments
Brian Carver

Five County Association of Governments
Gary Zabriskie

Mountainland Association of Governments
Bob Allen

Six County Association of Governments
Russ Cowley

Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments
Michael Bryant
435-637-5444 x 404

Uintah Basin Association of Governments
Kevin Yack

Wasatch Front Regional Council
LaNiece Davenport
801-363-4250 x 1136Planning PDR link