Maps and Data

Broadband Outreach Center Mapping Resources

The Utah Broadband Outreach Center’s¬†mapping team maintains mapping data and maps on the availability, speed, and location of broadband services. Information on broadband availability is collected directly from broadband provider partners.

Map Gallery: Maps covering Utah’s broadband landscape, stakeholder interests, and broadband coverage trends.

ResidentialMap_plain Residential Broadband Map App: Interactive map of fixed and mobile broadband coverage available to a consumer market.
LocateMap Economic Development Map App: Interactive map to assist in site selection. Map layers include commercial fiber availability, local utilities, and other layers of interest to economic development.
SmallUtahs Map of the Month Blogposts: Monthly mapping feature and blogposts (archived).
Broadband Availability GIS Data: Download broadband coverage availability data in NTIA data standard. Data user guide.
Broadband Coverage Statistics: Statistics on known addresses covered by broadband speed tiers over time.
broadband-advisory-council-page Custom stakeholder requests: The Broadband Outreach Center is happy to respond to stakeholder map and data requests (GIS or KMZ format). Contact

Purpose of broadband mapping information

  • Determine broadband availability and connect with providers.

  • Identify areas unserved or underserved by broadband internet.

  • Support broadband planning and policy.

  • Research broadband trends.

  • Support stakeholders, including broadband providers and stakeholders from other sectors.