County Resource Management Plans


H.B. 323, passed through the Utah State Legislature in 2015 requires all Utah Counties to complete Resource Management Plans. The Utah Broadband Outreach Center has compiled resources to assist in this process. These materials may be used, either in full or in part to help the counties draft their plans.

Draft Language

The following language was drafted for inclusion in the Resource Management Plans. This information can be used in full or in part and may be altered to meet each counties’s needs.

County RMP Draft Language

County Maps

The Utah Broadband Outreach Center has created broadband maps for each county to be included in their plans. The maps include a map of fixed residential broadband coverage, a map of land ownership, which includes tower locations and BLM communications sites, and a map of mobile broadband coverage.

Raw Data for Download

Counties wishing to create their own maps may use the following downloadable data: