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February 2017 Map of the Month: Fiber Along the Point of the Mountain

For February’s Map of the Month, we take a look at broadband infrastructure along the Point of the Mountain.  Following the decision to relocate the Utah State Prison, new coordinated efforts are taking place to create a comprehensive and strategic development plan for the area stretching south from Sandy through Lehi to Saratoga Springs.  Continue reading

Meet Chairman Ajit Pai

ajit-pai-2On January 23rd, President Trump appointed Commissioner Ajit Pai as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Chairman Pai was the most senior republican of the FCC, and has served five years as a commissioner.  Many have speculated about the new chairman’s agenda, but most agree Chairman Pai will likely cut regulations and follow the letter of the law. Continue reading

115th Congress Legislation

seal_of_the_united_states_congress-svg_-300-123724Updated January 27, 2017

So far, there seems to be strong bi-partisan support for broadband in the 115th congress.  Several items of legislation from the 114th Congress have stuck around, many breezing through with unanimous votes.  Follow this tracking guide to see what kinds of federal legislation is coming down the pipe.   Continue reading

FCC Seeks Comment on Actions to Streamline Small Cell Infrastructure Deployment

fcc-logo-light-blueThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking comment on the Commission’s actions to help streamline the deployment of small cell infrastructure by improving wireless facilities siting policies.  Specifically, the FCC is looking for guidance on how federal law applies to local government review of siting and rights-of-way applications, with the possibility of issuing a declaratory ruling. Continue reading

NTIA Seeks Comment on Internet Use Survey

2000px-US-NationalTelecommunicationsAndInformationAdministration-Logo.svgThe National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has issued a request for comment on their Computer and Internet Use Supplement for the 2017 Current Population Survey conducted by the Census Bureau.  The annual supplement is a living document, designed to evolve and collect the most useful data for assessing technology use in the United States. Continue reading