HealthEquity and Accelerant Partnership Creates 28 Jobs in Price

accel-and-healthequityRobust broadband connections in rural Utah have proven indispensable for 28 Carbon County residents recently hired by HealthEquity.  The nationwide health savings account administrator has partnered with Accelerant to hire and train the new employees to work remotely from Price, Utah, where the unemployment rate is 5.8 percent.  Statewide, Utah has a 3.2 percent unemployment rate. Continue reading

Digital Literacy Resources

digital-literacyWhen it comes to Internet adoption, there seems to be a missing link between access and meaningful use.  While there are still significant barriers to Internet access for many Americans, policy makers and industry leaders are looking to the next step.  The meaningful use of technology and broadband Internet requires a digital skill set that many Americans are lacking. Continue reading

Libraries Play a Key Role in Access and Use

libraries and broadbandAccording to the American Library Association (ALA), there are still 33 million U.S. households not using the Internet at Home, and almost two times as many households lacking the digital literacy skills needed to take full advantage of broadband access.  In the ALA’s newly published policy brief, the organization recommends national decision makers consider the role libraries can play by providing not only access, but the digital readiness training needed to take full advantage of broadband connectivity. Continue reading

November 2016 Map of the Month: NTIA Data Explorer


Wearable Device Use by State, July 2015

A new feature of the Data Explorer mapping tool created by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) illustrates just how important it is for Utah to remain a national broadband leader.  The tool compiles and visualizes data collected by the NTIA dating back to 1998, and the results show that Utah has been leading the pack for Internet adoption and use since the NTIA starting collecting data. Continue reading

FCC Seeks Comments for 2016 Biennial Review

fcc-logo-light-blueThe Federal Communications Commission is seeking public comment for its 2016 biennial review of telecommunications regulations.  The commission is required by law to complete this review every two years with the goal of eliminating any regulations that are deemed, “No longer necessary in the public interest as the result of meaningful economic competition between providers of such service.” Continue reading

October 2016 Map of the Month: State of Utah Facilities


Click to open interactive state facilities map

The State of Utah owns buildings, sites, and other facilities in order to provide services across the state. Transportation, wildlife management, parks and recreation, and education, are just some of the missions that necessitate facilities operation. And of course, these are not only in the population centers of Utah, but also in some of the most rural parts of the state. Many of these facilities, but not all, require broadband internet to perform their duties sufficiently. State facilities, together with others operated by local government (K12 schools, libraries, etc), very often serve as anchor tenants for broadband service, creating the initial incentives for providers to bring higher speed and capacity to local communities.
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