The Utah Broadband Outreach Center

The Utah Broadband Outreach Center is a joint effort between the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), the Public Service Commission (PSC), and the Department of Technology Services’ Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) to develop a statewide map of available broadband services and a plan to increase broadband adoption and deployment in the state.

Economic development, energy efficiency, and advances in education and health care rely not only on broadband infrastructure, but also on the knowledge and tools to leverage that infrastructure. The Utah Broadband Outreach Center is working with broadband providers, local and state policymakers, consumers, community institutions, and other stakeholders to explore the state of broadband in Utah, improve efficiencies, and expand deployment and usage statewide.

This initiative is being undertaken across all 50 states through the State Broadband Initiative (SBI) Program, which is being administered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The SBI Program implements the joint purposes of the Recovery Act and the Broadband Data Improvement Act, which envisioned a comprehensive program, led by state entities or non-profit organizations working at their direction, to facilitate the integration of broadband and information technology into state and local economies.

2014_gov_herbert_o_18420a_1“I am excited to support the Utah Broadband Outreach Center, which is important because it will provide a clear map to assess the unserved and underserved areas in the State. This is yet another milestone in a series of milestones to strengthen economic development opportunities in Utah, not only in our rural areas, but across the entire State.”-Governor Gary R. Herbert

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