FirstNet and AT&T Launch First Developer Program

Pete CodellaBroadband

FirstNet and AT&T launched the first developer program that is developed for the nation’s safety responders. The program equips first responders with state-of-the-art communications tools.  This brings public safety officials closer to having their own app store where they can find new solutions.  The Developer program will give the FirstNet app store to provide public safety with a “one-stop-shop” for reliable, highly secure solutions optimizing for the FirstNet network.  This solution with give innovative, cost effective, and interoperable public safety solutions.  

Developers now have access to specialized portal housing services to help them build, test, deploy and maintain public safety applications The FirstNet solution includes an application development platform that will encourage developers to  explore further into FirstNet and eventually embrace it.  FirstNet application developer programs will focus including important features towards interoperability and highly secure communications.  It will use capabilities such as streaming surveillance video, priority services, and focus on critical service delivery for cellphone apps.  The application portal will feature guidelines to follow when developing apps for public safety.  These potential developers will include situational awareness, in-building mapping, field reporting and records management, wearable devices and telemetry solutions, and forensic intelligence

FirstNet and AT&T will host events and challenges to help foster this collaboration.  After submission FirstNet & AT&T will evaluate performance, service-level agreements and potential source code vulnerabilities, to provide a certified or reviewed rating depending on the application’s availability, resiliency and expandability for multiple users, publish certified, and reviewed applications in the FirstNet app store