2016 Broadband Tech Summit Videos


Videos from the 2016 Broadband Tech Summit, which took place November 9, 2016 at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Val Hale – Opening Remarks

Val Hale is the Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), which promotes state growth in business, tourism and film. Val was appointed to the position in 2014 by Gov. Gary R. Herbert.

Before accepting the position as executive director, Val served for two years as president and CEO of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, leading efforts in business community issues— including regional economic development and branding initiatives. Prior to serving in the chamber, Val was Vice President (2010-2012) for university relations at Utah Valley University (UVU), overseeing legislative, marketing and public affairs, along with media and community relations.


Danilo Campos – After the Digital Divide

Danilo shares his personal journey in tech and discusses the barriers that exist for underrepresented populations entering the tech industry. He also makes the case for why businesses should invest in digital literacy efforts.

Danilo Campos works as the Technical Director for Social Impact at GitHub. He was born in Puerto Rico, but grew up in New Mexico studying the interfaces of every piece of software he could find. Danilo taught himself to use a Macintosh SE at age 7, and continued to teach himself programming throughout his life and into college. He eventually quit his job to start a career in software. Danilo now works for GitHub drawing upon his personal experience to develop tech inclusion programs to benefit underserved communities.


Mike Spaulding – Investment, Inclusion & Innovation

Mike’s presentation covers the three “I’s” of forward thinking service provision: Investment, Inclusion, and Innovation. He discusses Comcast’s DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit Internet service, the Internet Essentials program, digital inclusion, and ubiquitous service delivery.

Mike Spaulding is the VP of Engineering for the Mountain West Region of Comcast. He has 19 years of experience in the cable and telecommunications industry, holding multiple technical leadership positions over the years. In his current position with Comcast, he’s responsible for the oversight of all engineering functions including Advanced Engineering/Headend Operations, Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network Maintenance, and construction for Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.


Glenn Ricart – Smart Community Applications and Services that Will Drive Broadband

Glenn’s presentation addresses Utah’s role as a test bed for the National Science Foundation’s advanced networking research. He also explores the possibilities of gigabit bandwidth across healthcare, education, and other public sectors.

Glenn Ricart, Ph.D., is the Founder and CTO of US Ignite in Utah, bringing 40 years of innovation in computer networking and related fields to his post at the organization. Glenn was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2013 after having implemented and led several ground breaking achievements in the field. He’s held senior management positions in several companies, including Novell and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and has founded or co-founded five startups.


Ken Malm – Mobile Technology, Looking Ahead

Ken describes the latest advances in wireless broadband, how these networks function and how they are changing the way we all live and work. He also discusses how wireless networks are enabling one of the fastest growing technology trends — The Internet of Things (IoT).

Kenneth Malm is the Principal Technical Consulting Engineer with AT&T and has been with the company for 20 years serving in various roles. He has experience in Radio Frequency Design, Performance and Optimization, Radio Frequency Safety and Compliance, Mobility Network Sales Support, and Technical Communications. Ken has a B.S.E.E. from the University of Colorado, Denver. He’s been married to his wife Wendy for 21 years and has two children.


Joe Dougherty – So You Want to Fly a Drone?

Joe discusses what it takes to fly a drone, including the many legal hoops to jump through. He also explores the possible applications for drones in emergency and government related functions.

Prior to joining the Utah Division of Emergency Management as a Public Information Officer, Joe Dougherty worked for seven years as an award-winning journalist for the Standard-Examiner and Deseret News. In addition to giving over 100 media interviews per year on disaster related topics, Joe also organizers the Great Shakeout and serves as the Division’s drone pilot. He lives in Davis County with his wife and four children.


Jeremy Ferkin – Global, Regional and Local Networks; Efficiency, Efficacy and Evolution

Jeremy discusses the evolution of networks on various scales and address the blurring lines and distinctions between them. He also explores the challenges of leveraging national networks in a hyper-local marketplace.

Jeremy Ferkin joined CenturyLink in March of 2003, bringing with him a wealth of telecom experience from roles with Broadwing Communications, Sonic Foundry, and Electric Lightwave. In his current position as VP of Operations for Utah, Nevada, and California, Jeremy works as one of the nation’s strongest advocates for CenturyLink’s role in the Gigabit Economy. Jeremy is a South Jordan, Utah resident and enjoys hunting, horseback riding, and outdoor sports with his wife Cindy and two children.


Jill Szuchmacher – Building an Internet that is Always Fast, Always Open

Jill talks about the evolution of Google Fiber from its early days in Kansas City and Provo, to ongoing projects across the country, including the recent Salt Lake City launch.

Jill joined Google in 2006. In her current role as Director of Expansion and Operations, she leads a team focused on strategy, engagement and operations with cities, utilities, and other partners required to grow the Google Fiber footprint. She has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of media and technology, including stints at MTV and Scholastic News Media, as well as founding roles at non-profit and venture-backed media and software startups. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family.


Bert Granberg – Where? In Utah!

Bert presents a case example from the Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) that illustrates the application of high-speed broadband in Utah. In 2015, AGRC and its funding partners licensed high resolution aerial photography and a cloud-based web service delivery platform from Google. Usage metrics of this new system around the state will make for an interesting map and story.

Bert Granberg directs AGRC, the State of Utah’s mapping technology office. He joined AGRC after completing a master’s degree in geographic information systems from the U of U in 2000. Bert and his team have been an integral part of the Broadband Outreach Center since its 2010 inception.


Darin Howe – Think Small!  Smaller Cable, Bigger Possibilities

Darin’s presentation documents the evolution of optical cables from traditional loose tube designs to smaller, lighter micro cables and the unique benefits and deployment capabilities they enable.

Darin Howe is a Product Line Manager for Outside Plant Cable at Corning Optical Communications. He has 8 years of experience in the industry, working primarily with Outside Plant construction and Fiber to the Home installations. Prior to working for Corning, Darin spent 5 years as a Signal Corps Officer in the United States Army. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Engineering.


Roger Timmerman – Now Playing: Virtual Reality Live

Roger’s presentation addresses recent trends in virtual reality (VR), like advancements in video stitching and encoding that enable live streaming. He also discusses how VR will impact the future of broadband connectivity.

Roger Timmerman is the Executive Director and CEO of the 11 city UTOPIA fiber project in Utah. He is a technology management professional with over 15 years of experience in telecommunications and information technology. Roger has been designing and building networks throughout his career in various roles. He earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Information Technology from Brigham Young University.


Phil Windley – An Internet for Identity

Phil’s Presentation addresses recent developments in distributed technology, such as the Bitcoin blockchain, and how these changes will overhaul identity on the Internet. He discusses important implications for businesses with online components, and explores the benefits for users.

Phil Windley, Ph.D., is a passionate tech educator, chair of the Dovrin Foundation, and co-founder and organizer of the Internet Identity Workshop. He is an Enterprise Architect in the Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University, Director of Pico Labs, and an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science. In addition to several executive leadership roles in various companies, he served as the Chief Information Officer for the State of Utah and as Senior Staff on Governor Mike Leavitt’s Cabinet.


Chrisella Herzog – Tech for Social Good: Empowering Communities in Global Development

Chrisella discusses the role of broadband and information and communications technology as a catalyst for global development. She covers two trends: the economy’s shift into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the implementation of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Chrisella Herzog is the Founder of Fibonacci Media and the Editor-in-Chief of WhiteHat Magazine, a digital multimedia organization covering global stories of science and technology for social good. Previously, Chrisella served as Managing Editor of Diplomatic Courier magazine, as well as Managing Editor and later Editor-in-Chief of the official G20, G7/G8, and APEC summit publications.