The FCC Proposes Changes to Spectrum Auction

FCC-LogoFederal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has recently announced that the FCC will seek to make the mobile marketplace more competitive by changing the rules of how low-band spectrum is auctioned. The goal, as Wheeler said, is to take the wireless spectrum and make it available to as many providers as possible, especially to small businesses and carriers in rural areas.

Read the announcement via the FCC official blog.

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Utah Rises to 4th in the Nation for Broadband Speeds, 15th Internationally

Utah has once again risen in the ranks of Akamai_logo-758666broadband capability to fourth among the states and fifteenth internationally. According to the Akamai Q1 2015 State of the Internet report, Utah’s average connection speed is 15.7 Mbps which is only behind the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Delaware which averaged 18.6 Mbps. In Q4 2014, Akamai reported that Utah was in sixth place nationally.

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June 2015 Map of the Month: Utah Enterprise Zones now on

Utah Enterprise Zones Interactive Map

Enterprise Zones Interactive Map

This month the Broadband Outreach Center added Utah Enterprise Zones to the Economic Development map (, the Center’s commercial broadband map application. is a tool that helps businesses find the critical information they need to make site selection decisions. The site allows users to explore the state’s broadband availability, utility information, transportation, workforce and lifestyle features. Continue reading

FCC Seeks Comments on Modernizing Lifeline Program

FCC-LogoOn May 28, Chairman Wheeler announced he is seeking comments on a proposal to modernize the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program in order to better help low-income Americans afford access to essential communication services, including broadband. The proposals are intended to restructure the program and make Lifeline more efficient by limiting wasted resources and effectively targeting those most in need. Continue reading

May 2015 Map of the Month: Qualifying CAF II Areas


FCC – Connect America Phase II – Final Eligible Areas Map

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced nearly $1.7 billion to price cap carriers to expand and support broadband service in rural areas as part of Connect American Fund Phase II (CAF II). The funding will go to support networks that can deliver broadband speeds of at least 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, as long as areas have no competitors offering at least 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, and the cost of providing service according to the cost model is between $52.50-$207.81. Continue reading

Akamai State of the Internet and Security Report Now Available

In an effort to be more holistic, Akamai has releAkamai_logo-758666ased its most extensive report to date on current Internet attack trends. The report indicates that the most popularly targeted industries for attack included  gaming (which represents more than one third of all attacks), software and technology, Internet and telecom, financial services, media and entertainment, education, retail and consumer goods, and finally the public sector.   Continue reading