September 2015 Map of the Month: Communication Tower Mapathon

Utah Tower Locations

Communications Tower Sites Work in Progress

In a recent meeting of the Utah Broadband Advisory Council, members indicated that a statewide map data layer of communication tower sites would present numerous uses. These included fire defense planning during wildfires, broadband coordination, and radio service planning. While there are a number of maps of communication sites in Utah from various sources, each one that we examined fell short in terms of completeness. Continue reading

Outreach Center Participates in White House Roundtable Discussion

IMG_2266 (1)

Angie Bailey (North Carolina), Eric Frederick (Michigan), Tom Koutsky (Connected Nation), Kelleigh Cole (Utah), and Danna MacKenzie (Minnesota) participate in White House roundtable

On Monday, September 21, 2015, the Utah Broadband Outreach Center was asked to participate in a private roundtable discussion at the White House, in conjunction with the release of the Broadband Opportunity Council Report and Recommendations. Utah was one of four states (including Minnesota, Michigan and North Carolina) that participated in the discussion which focused on community connectivity and data efforts. Continue reading

McKinsey Report Emphasizes Capacity for Internet of Things Trend

mckinseycoIn June 2015 McKinsey Global Institute published a report, The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype, that details the economic impact of the Internet of Things on businesses, cities, and local economies. By 2025, the economic impact of city applications for infrastructure or planning could be somewhere between $930 billion to $1.6 trillion per year on a global level. Continue reading

Pew Research Shows Interest In Digital Library Services

pewresearch2015On September 15, 2015, Pew Research Center published its latest study entitled Libraries at the Crossroads which outlines what Americans want in their local libraries. The survey research indicates that though library usage has declined, “the public is interested in new services and thinks libraries are important to communities.” 

Click here to read the full report.  Continue reading

How to Create a Custom Economic Development Website using

email screenshot (1)In May of 2015, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah launched a premier economic development website, The site allows users to explore the state’s broadband availability, utility information, transportation, enterprise zones, workforce and lifestyle features. It also allows developers to evaluate potential locations and print customized reports with detailed summaries of available infrastructure.  Continue reading

Utah Cities Included in NSF Grant

us-ignite-logo.png.300x0_q85On September 14, 2015 the National Science Foundation awarded a $6 million grant to U.S. Ignite to build a living lab of testbeds for smart gigabit applications in fifteen cities throughout the country including Salt Lake City and Provo. The grant is designed to aid in increasing the number of communities in the U.S. that will participate in a “smart city app store” for “next-generation Internet application prototypes that leverage gigabit speeds to achieve transformative impact in areas ranging from health care to public safety.” Continue reading

Pell Center Advocates State-Level Broadband Policy

Pell CenterThe Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy published an article this month, State-Level Broadband Policy: A Compendium of Resources and Approaches which outlines why broadband policy matters for civic participation, education, health care delivery, economic growth, worker training, and public safety. Angela Seifer, adjunct fellow at the Pell Center, wrote the article to synthesize several examples of successful state-level policies and recommend various best-practices for implementing robust broadband programs.

Click here to read the full article.  Continue reading Wins Digital Government Achievement Award

DGAA15_WNR_RGBThe Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) is pleased to announce that, a project of the Utah Broadband Outreach Center and Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS), has earned a Digital Government Achievement Award from the Center for Digital Government.

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August 2015 Map of the Month: State to State – A Quick Comparison


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Utah often ranks high in national (and international) studies on access to fast broadband Internet speeds. Most recently, Utah was ranked 4th in the nation for broadband speeds. This month, our maps compare Utah’s maximum advertised speeds with the rest of the country.

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FCC Seeks Comments on Including Mobile Broadband in Annual Progress Report

FCC-LogoOn August 6, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission launched a Notice of Inquiry seeking comment (due by September 8, 2015) on whether consumer access to mobile broadband should be included in its annual review of the country’s broadband market. The annual review is created to assess whether Americans are receiving broadband on a “reasonable and timely basis.” Continue reading